40 Pounds Down!

40. Pounds. Down.
I just shook my head in disbelief writing that title. FORTY POUNDS!  I’m not sure it’s reeeeaaalllly hit me yet that this is real, but I am sorta starting to accept it. I know I won’t wake up tomorrow with all forty pounds back on me, but sometimes my mind DOES go there!  With this weight loss, so much in life is changing and so much is getting better.  So, I’ve been thinking I want to document this “journey” so that it’s even MORE real and was like, “Hello! I have a blog space that I don’t even use!”  And as for the gap in blog posts and where I’ve been…that’s what I’ve been working on!  So here we are.  Maybe I can even keep this up! Lol
Let’s back up real quick though so we can start off right…

I’ve been on and off Weight Watchers for years, but never really took it seriously. I was having way too much fun eating and partying my way through my twenties to take anything (except my job) seriously. Fast forward to my early thirties and it was more of the same, but I was starting to FEEL it. Like…physically. I was at my highest weight EVER at the end of June 2017.  I felt awful. I was out of control and was just DONE. I knew I had to do something and REALLY do it this time. Since the only thing I could remember ever giving me results was Weight Watchers, I decided to get back to it.
I was soooo nervous to go back to my old Saturday morning meeting, but I did it. I walked in with my held…low. My leader screamed with excitement when she saw me.  I made excuses to explain where I’d been. I sat toward the back.  I went back the week after week a little more confident and…a little more towards the front…and a little lighter (usually)!  I was totally working the plan, but fitting it into my lifestyle. I’ve only missed 5 meetings since then and 3 were just due to Labor Day and Hurricane Irma (I know, excuses!!). But now I try to do whatever I need to do to get there, get focused, and stay on plan!  I am so in it and so loving it!  I still have rough weeks and weeks with gains, but I haven’t let it stop me.  Thank goodness because I’ve said goodbye to those 40 pounds by not stopping!  I’ll probably get into my hows and my WHYS here eventually (and get brave enough to post before and during pics…ah!), but I just wanted this first post back to be a reboot intro.  So here we go…time to get to GOAL!!

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