40 Pounds Down!

40. Pounds. Down.
I just shook my head in disbelief writing that title. FORTY POUNDS!  I’m not sure it’s reeeeaaalllly hit me yet that this is real, but I am sorta starting to accept it. I know I won’t wake up tomorrow with all forty pounds back on me, but sometimes my mind DOES go there!  With this weight loss, so much in life is changing and so much is getting better.  So, I’ve been thinking I want to document this “journey” so that it’s even MORE real and was like, “Hello! I have a blog space that I don’t even use!”  And as for the gap in blog posts and where I’ve been…that’s what I’ve been working on!  So here we are.  Maybe I can even keep this up! Lol
Let’s back up real quick though so we can start off right…

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