Getting to GOAL

While I’m trying to figure out this whole new eating lifestyle, I’m using activity as my safety net. I may have to look up what foods are on the Power Foods list, but I don’t need any extra knowledge to get this body moving. Lucky for us, the more we move the more we lose (or the more we get to eat…look at it how you want)!
I know Weight Watchers has the ActiveLink and I do own it…I just don’t know where it is. I lost and found it 3 times before putting my contact info on it and still lost it for good. That’s when I stopped going to meetings…and gained the weight back. As suggested, I can’t hook it to my bra or waistline or keep it in my pocket.  I guess I shake around too much completely unaware!  And I will NOT consider it a fashionable accessory wearing it on a lanyard around my neck.  Just…no.

So, after much research, I chose the Polar Loop.  It’s a watch/bracelet that tracks activity, calories burned, steps, and time.  Bonus: there’s an app for it. While I really wished the digital text was blue (why do I care?! I don’t know), I settled because it stays on my wrist and it’s black so goes with almost all of my outfits. Plus, it’s waterproof so I don’t have to forget to put it on after a shower, get to work, and then sit on my butt all day because I’m not getting “credit” for moving.

For me, this works. I don’t look at the calories, but constantly check out my steps and activity goal progression. My personal goal is 10,000 steps per day, but this guy sets my activity goal a little beyond, which is fine by me. I like being pushed. At the end of the day, I log my steps in the Activity Tracker under “All Day” and watch my activity points grow throughout the week. So freaking easy.  I’ve even set myself up with a reward system (which I’ll share soon!) if I meet goal 30 days in a row…although I’m now wishing I said 5 days a week.  Whatever your preference though, get an activity monitor!  Get credit for that extra movement and feel awesome!

– Kelly


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