Giving up

I’ve decided to abandon Weight Watchers. I haven’t been to a meeting in months even though every week I was telling myself I’d go and get back on track the upcoming Saturday. So, obviously, every single week I felt like a failure.

I would track a little here and there, but making dinner wasn’t even fun anymore because I was trying to calculate points while the hubs was trying to count calories. My mom stopped Weight Watchers somewhere in there, so those conversations dropped off too. I was missing the team effort and wasn’t ready to go at it alone.

After a month of partying and not tracking anything, the first weigh in of the year came. Utter freaking disappointment. i was back to my top weight ever. It felt like almost a whole year of effort and restrictions was completely wasted. It was time to regroup, rethink, and come up with a new plan.

So it’s back to basics. I hate that it’s taken this long, but after 15+ years of different diets I’ve decided to do the obvious: track calories in and calories out. The hubs and I have downloaded the LoseIt! app for our iPhones and have agreed to go at it together, as a team. We’ve started February like it’s the start of the new year and resolutions like they are something we are working on, not giving up on.

My new motto is “Get Skinny. Save Money. Have Fun.” (Skinny in the healthiest form, of course). I want to share my progress, adventures, discoveries, recipe trials, tips and fun with you along the way, but blogging hasn’t come to me as naturally as I thought it would so far. I hope you hang in there with me! I’m a work in progress!


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