Spending Freeze: Day 21

DAY 21: $1,672.77/ -2.0 lbs

5K Training started today!  We’re adding in 3 running days on top of our Body Revolution workout plan…you know, just for fun.  So I worked out 3 times today kind of.  That’s one way to avoid spending money!


Breakfast:  Green Protein Smoothie, Coffee, and a Hard-Boiled Egg

Lunch: Leftover Tortilla Soup (and maybe a FREE Krispy Kreme donut that someone brought into work)

Dinner:  Chicken Tacos & Mexican Rice (I forgot I had avocados in the fridge!  I was so excited!)




SUPER savings today!! The hubs and I use our Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card for almost everything and pay it in full every month.  I know this doesn’t work for everybody, but it works for us and we “bought” 2 FREE flights home with our miles today!  The flight sale was only going on until Thursday so we wanted to take advantage before prices went back up.  So, thanks to our discipline with the credit card, we saved $543.00 dollars!

Another (smaller) savings today – the hubs and I picked up some reserved items from the library (for free of course).  We got 1 book, 1 audiobook, and 4 CDs to enjoy for the next 3 weeks.  That would’ve set us back $60 or so if we would’ve bought everything!  I love the library!


Should I put the library outing here too?  Actually, my enjoyable time was another nature walk today!  This time I captured a baby gators pic for ya:


Sweet Dreams!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 20

DAY 20: $1,129.77/ -2.0 lbs

As ready as I thought I was to start this Monday off, I did scramble a little.  Not having anticipated the length of the new Body Revolution strength training workout threw me off slightly so I definitely rushed out the door (with the help of the hubs).  Still, some preparation is better than none, and all that prep kept me from being late today!  The new workout was brutal and I know I’ll be extra sore tomorrow, but it was still a welcome change.  Hopefully our bodies will be confused enough to drop some lbs!


Breakfast:  Green Protein Smoothies (the hubs added vanilla protein powder into my smoothie this morning and it was sooooo tasty!) & Cafe Mochas

Lunch:   Leftover Spiralized Carrot Rice Enchilada Bake  (this thing heated up so well and the flavors improved so much that I might dream about it tonight…or at least be excited for more of it tomorrow)

Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Fettucine (or whole wheat linguine really)  Alfredo with Garlic Cheese Toasts and for dessert…

His and Hers Made-From-Scratch Brownies w/ Ice Cream


I forgot to add in grocery savings the past 2 weekends!  So that puts us over $1000!  As long as nothing unexpeccted happens we should be in the clear.  And we’ll have to check all of my calculations at the end of the month, but things are lookin’ good!  K, back to groceries…I set the savings up assuming we usually spend $100 per week on average before the freeze and budgeted $100 for this month for any essential “needs” just to be safe  (like the unexpected toilet paper incident).  The hubs renegotiated his “essentials” after the first week or so.  It was hard for me to compromise at first, but when he’s set on something and pulls out good points, it’s hard for me to refuse.  I’d asked for him to give up a lot this month, a lot that he could handle, but he could “not survive without deli chicken lunch meat, chips, and ice cream.”  And if he was to carry on, this was how it needed to be.  It all sounds very “man drama” but…no it really was.  Anyway, we’ve stuck to the new arrangement and stayed safe under the $100, so I think all is fantastic in the world.  Lol.


Well, very not “me,” but I took a nature walk at lunch today.  I felt the need to get out of the office, but also was trying to get in some extra steps for the the UP band step challenge I accepted last night.  In the end though, I totally enjoyed myself…and saw a few things that didn’t creep me out too much…



There were baby alligators too, but I only have a video and have no clue how to upload something like that on here yet!
Happy Monday!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 19

DAY 19$994.33 / -2.0 lbs

Finally!  I substantial loss logged!  I practically ran around the house with excitement after my weigh-in this morning.  Please please please say that the pounds will keep dropping now.  Besides completing 2 weeks of Body Revolution, I wonder if my super stepping this weekend had anything to do with it: 

I swear my UP band is never satisfied. Should I take the Step Challenge for tomorrow?

So much for “Rest Day” again this weekend!  I spent all yesterday cleaning, couponing, and doing laundy, and then today was all meal prep and organizing.  I can’t believe how many steps that adds up to without a workout!


My bread has been a huge hit in the house this weekend.  I’m actually waiting on a new loaf to finish baking in the oven right now.  

Breakfast:  Coffee with Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk, Toast from my Homemade Bread, an Egg Over Easy, Sea Salt Bacon, and Cheesy Hashbrowns (I’m totally getting this hash browns from a real potato thing down!)  

A perfect Sunday breakfast

Lunch:  Filet Mignon Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches (on my homemade bread, of course).  This was so good that I almost felt guilty.  But, it was the last of the steak in the house so I decided to enjoy every last bite instead! 

Filet Mignon Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Dinner:  I pretty much neglected veggies all day so Carrot Rice Enchilada Bake (from my favorite “Inspiralized” cookbook) sounded smart.  I had all of the ingredients except cumin (who runs out of cumin!?) and black olives.  I’m still mad at myself for not buying black olives before the freeze.  I’ve wanted them about 10 times so far this month!


Spriralized Carrot Rice Enchilada Bake

I halved the enchilada bake recipe (since I  didn’t have enough carrots) and used the leftover ingredients to make my fave Tortilla Soup in the Vitamix.  Leftover veggies from the Buffalo Wild Wings night were thrown in there as well.  And, in the far corners of the pantry, I found “The Better Chip” corn tortilla chips!  So those went in there and now I’m already thinking of Chicken Nachos for Taco Tuesday.  


Vitamix Blender Tortilla Soup


Another weekend gone by without partying = Another weekend of $100 savings!  The hubs had it tougher than I did with his gigs and all, although I did get a little antsy for a beer on the patio Friday night…and Saturday night…and maybe this afternoon.  But I would quickly distract myself and man did I get a crapload done around the house.  


I spent so much time today prepping for the week ahead that my mind actually feels clearer.  Coffee is ready, house is ready, green smoothies are ready, lunches are ready, outfits are ready, car is ready, coupons are ready…you get the idea.  Just knowing that I won’t have to scramble in the morning is putting my mind at ease.  I’ll probably even sleep better…and then my body will even be ready! Ha!  Okay, enough of the “ready” talk.  Good night!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 18

DAY 18: $894.33 / -0.2 lbs

My bread worked out! 

No Knead Bread Success!

I know it kind of looks like a fortune cookie.  But I don’t care because it turned out awesome and tasty and very artisan-y!  The hubs said this was his favorite and exactly what he’s been needing. I feel like such a little homemaker. Lol


Breakfast:  Coffee.  Then 4 hours later the hubs made mini (I swear that’s just a really tiny plate in the picture) Chicken Quesadillas from the new batch of Slow Cooker Chicken that had just finished. Still the first meal of the day and I plan on doing a lot more eating, so I’m going to count this as breakfast. 

A Chicken Quesadilla “Breakfast” by the hubs

Lunch:  Asiago Chicken & Onion Paninis with my new homemade bread!  OMG.  So good.   

Dinner:  We’re staying up late tonight and (since our hunger times seem to be off today) are going to do late night Hibachi Grill!  We’ve done it a few times before and it’s always fun.  No, we don’t have a hibachi grill (I wish!).  We ridiculously use an electric griddle and it’s just as entertaining…just in a very “we’re anything but professionals” kind of way.  I think all that matters in the end is that there is meat, veggies, noodles, and yum yum sauce tonight.  If it weren’t for the freeze there would be other elements, but of course we are improvising.  No pics tonight since I’m posting before we cook.   


Couponing was awesome today!  Oh how I’ve missed “buying” things.  I was tempted to bend the rules a little bit, but sustained.  Here are all of the freebies I got:


I thought I was going to get a free RedBox movie as well, but my codes didn’t work.  So in the end I got over $25 worth of products for FREE!  

I see a lot of flatbread pizzas in my future…


I buttoned my jeans today!  I know this sounds weird, but I’ve been up a size for a while and it was hard to believe that some of my “normal” jeans didn’t fit.  I try them on every once in a while even though my weight hasn’t changed much, but it’s usually disappointment.  Not today!  I think the whole Body Revolution workout plan is actually working, just not on the scale yet.  Other clothes are fitting a little differently too and I think my face is slimming up ever so slightly.  It’s enough to keep me going.  2 weeks down now and REST DAY tomorrow!! Hope you are out enjoying your weekend!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 17

DAY 17: $868.92 / +0.4 lbs

Sorry about yesterday.  I got a little…excited.  But that’s what happens when I strongly restrict myself from something and then it’s put right in front of me!  I was way too thrilled to eat food outside of the house that I couldn’t even THINK about calories.  While I didn’t spend any money, I didn’t make healthy choices (I’m sure you noticed today’s weight gain!), but I didn’t super overeat or anything.  I hope the lesson here is when I have the opportunity to spend money again once May hits, that I am smart about it and prepared not to go overboard.

It was a late night last night, but I still managed to get up for the last 5:30 am Body Revolution workout for the week.  We have cardio tomorrow and then that marks 2 weeks down, 10 more to go!


Breakfast:  Glowing Green Smoothie and Cinnamon Raisin Toast (and only ONE cup of coffee!)  

Lunch: Lentil Soup


Desk Lunch: Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

Dinner: Garlic Knots and Meatballs (a very “freezer” meal tonight) 

Garlic Knots & Tomato Sauce (Meatballs were late to the party)

I’m trying out a new bread recipe tonight.  I have to let the dough do it’s thing overnight, but hopefully we’ll be able to have toast for breakfast tomorrow!


No-Knead Bread dough ready to rise!


I used my Easter amazon.com gift card from my Ps to buy 2 things I really wanted.  They are definitely not a NEED and definitely very “girly” of me.  But if I’m going to be doing my own pedicures, I kind of do NEED a pumice stone, right?  Then the beautyblender has been on my wish list for so long that when I saw that it was back on Amazon Prime I couldn’t pass it up!  


Amazon Easter gifts arrived today: beautyblender and a pumice stone 🙂


I did some coupon prep tonight so that I can go get some freebies tomorrow.  Some people look at couponing as too much work, but I love it.  I’m pretty organized about it, so it’s more about the thrill of shopping at such an awesome discount.  If all goes well tomorrow I’ll be able to move this topic up to the SAVE section.  

Happy Friday!  

– Kelly