Spending Freeze: Day 19

DAY 19$994.33 / -2.0 lbs

Finally!  I substantial loss logged!  I practically ran around the house with excitement after my weigh-in this morning.  Please please please say that the pounds will keep dropping now.  Besides completing 2 weeks of Body Revolution, I wonder if my super stepping this weekend had anything to do with it: 

I swear my UP band is never satisfied. Should I take the Step Challenge for tomorrow?

So much for “Rest Day” again this weekend!  I spent all yesterday cleaning, couponing, and doing laundy, and then today was all meal prep and organizing.  I can’t believe how many steps that adds up to without a workout!


My bread has been a huge hit in the house this weekend.  I’m actually waiting on a new loaf to finish baking in the oven right now.  

Breakfast:  Coffee with Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Milk, Toast from my Homemade Bread, an Egg Over Easy, Sea Salt Bacon, and Cheesy Hashbrowns (I’m totally getting this hash browns from a real potato thing down!)  

A perfect Sunday breakfast

Lunch:  Filet Mignon Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches (on my homemade bread, of course).  This was so good that I almost felt guilty.  But, it was the last of the steak in the house so I decided to enjoy every last bite instead! 

Filet Mignon Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Dinner:  I pretty much neglected veggies all day so Carrot Rice Enchilada Bake (from my favorite “Inspiralized” cookbook) sounded smart.  I had all of the ingredients except cumin (who runs out of cumin!?) and black olives.  I’m still mad at myself for not buying black olives before the freeze.  I’ve wanted them about 10 times so far this month!


Spriralized Carrot Rice Enchilada Bake

I halved the enchilada bake recipe (since I  didn’t have enough carrots) and used the leftover ingredients to make my fave Tortilla Soup in the Vitamix.  Leftover veggies from the Buffalo Wild Wings night were thrown in there as well.  And, in the far corners of the pantry, I found “The Better Chip” corn tortilla chips!  So those went in there and now I’m already thinking of Chicken Nachos for Taco Tuesday.  


Vitamix Blender Tortilla Soup


Another weekend gone by without partying = Another weekend of $100 savings!  The hubs had it tougher than I did with his gigs and all, although I did get a little antsy for a beer on the patio Friday night…and Saturday night…and maybe this afternoon.  But I would quickly distract myself and man did I get a crapload done around the house.  


I spent so much time today prepping for the week ahead that my mind actually feels clearer.  Coffee is ready, house is ready, green smoothies are ready, lunches are ready, outfits are ready, car is ready, coupons are ready…you get the idea.  Just knowing that I won’t have to scramble in the morning is putting my mind at ease.  I’ll probably even sleep better…and then my body will even be ready! Ha!  Okay, enough of the “ready” talk.  Good night!

– Kelly

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