Spending Freeze: Day 20

DAY 20:  $1,129.77/ -2.0 lbs

As ready as I thought I was to start this Monday off, I did scramble a little.  Not having anticipated the length of the new Body Revolution strength training workout threw me off slightly so I definitely rushed out the door (with the help of the hubs).  Still, some preparation is better than none, and all that prep kept me from being late today!  The new workout was brutal and I know I’ll be extra sore tomorrow, but it was still a welcome change.  Hopefully our bodies will be confused enough to drop some lbs!


Breakfast:  Green Protein Smoothies (the hubs added vanilla protein powder into my smoothie this morning and it was sooooo tasty!) & Cafe Mochas

Lunch:   Leftover Spiralized Carrot Rice Enchilada Bake  (this thing heated up so well and the flavors improved so much that I might dream about it tonight…or at least be excited for more of it tomorrow)

Dinner:  Grilled Chicken Fettucine (or whole wheat linguine really)  Alfredo with Garlic Cheese Toasts and for dessert…

His and Hers Made-From-Scratch Brownies w/ Ice Cream


I forgot to add in grocery savings the past 2 weekends!  So that puts us over $1000!  As long as nothing unexpeccted happens we should be in the clear.  And we’ll have to check all of my calculations at the end of the month, but things are lookin’ good!  K, back to groceries…I set the savings up assuming we usually spend $100 per week on average before the freeze and budgeted $100 for this month for any essential “needs” just to be safe  (like the unexpected toilet paper incident).  The hubs renegotiated his “essentials” after the first week or so.  It was hard for me to compromise at first, but when he’s set on something and pulls out good points, it’s hard for me to refuse.  I’d asked for him to give up a lot this month, a lot that he could handle, but he could “not survive without deli chicken lunch meat, chips, and ice cream.”  And if he was to carry on, this was how it needed to be.  It all sounds very “man drama” but…no it really was.  Anyway, we’ve stuck to the new arrangement and stayed safe under the $100, so I think all is fantastic in the world.  Lol.


Well, very not “me,” but I took a nature walk at lunch today.  I felt the need to get out of the office, but also was trying to get in some extra steps for the the UP band step challenge I accepted last night.  In the end though, I totally enjoyed myself…and saw a few things that didn’t creep me out too much…



There were baby alligators too, but I only have a video and have no clue how to upload something like that on here yet!
Happy Monday!

– Kelly

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