Spending Freeze: Day 25

DAY 25: $1,757.53/ -2.2 lbs

Pretty happy that another week of Body Revolution is over and pretty happy to see a tiny weight loss today!  And really happy it’s Saturday!!


Now, please don’t judge too harshly. I don’t know what happened today, but I feel like we only had coffee and crap. Just being honest.

Breakfast: Coffee and leftover pizza

Lunch: Chicken Sandwiches and Chips

Dinner: Mocha Frappucinos (FREE from Staurbucks) and Five Guys (with a gift card)


Lots of savings today!

First off, we froze our gym memberships. Since we’re doing Body Revolution for the next 2 months and training for a 5-10K, we figured we didn’t “need” the gym for a while. This is saving us $55 per month.

Next, we hopped into Starbucks to see if they’d honor our freebie coupons from yesterday, since they had technical difficulties and closed early. (We found out the problem yesterday was actually nationwide. Yikes)!  The guy said he would try and it worked! He gave us the largest size since they were free…and now we might be up all night.

Finally, we had to get batteries for the hubs that he needed for the equipment for his gig tomorrow. This was an actual “need” but I still couponed it of course.  We headed to CVS, but needed to hit $15 to use my $5 off $15 coupon.  Enter the 90% Easter bin. I can’t believe the hubs found these…

…but he convinced me they would make hilarious gag gifts or whatever. Aaaaand it was kind of like getting them for free since they totaled $5 (marked down from $25 each).  So stupid, but oh well, it made his night!  We only spent $9 on the batteries and somehow our recipe showed this savings:

Which made my night!


The hubs and I had way too much fun going over the budget today.  It sounds so weird to say that, but there’s something about having a plan and the teamwork and the saving that is just really exciting. Not to mention the feeling of security knowing exactly where your money is going. And who wouldn’t be excited about that savings amount up there?!

Now we are super caffeinated and settled in watching Interstellar (thanks, brother)! It’s been a good day.

– Kelly

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