Spending Freeze: Day 3

DAY 3: $85.95 / -4.2 lbs



Breakfast:  Same as yesterday…pretty boring. 

Lunch:  Spiralized Butternut Squash Fried Rice Leftovers. So good! (Pic on Instagram)

Dinner:  We made homemade pizzas with our usual pizza dough recipe. We easily could’ve ordered delivery (and spent $20) because it’s Friday night and we were so hungry!  But our pizzas were perfect. The hubs used up the pepperoni so I’m not sure what he’ll do for the next pizza night…



I downloaded Dave Ramsey’s “The Total Money Makeover” audiobook to listen to on my commute. I thought we owned it, but couldn’t find it. I really wanted to review it for the Spending Freeze, so got it from the library for FREE instead of paying $15.95 on iTunes. It’s really keeping me focused on the challenge and making my drive go by faster!


I thought my evening was going to be consumed with cleaning, but the hubs gig got canceled so we’ve been able to spend the whole evening together cooking and binge watching Friends on Netflix. Obviously better than cleaning and I LOVE having unexpected time together!  Happy Friday!

– Kelly

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