Spending Freeze: Day 4

DAY 4: $198.95 / -0.8 lbs

 This is the first Saturday of the Spending Freeze and the first day I’ve had to spend money!  Don’t worry, I didn’t break the rules.  We ran out of eggs so I bought a carton of 18 at Publix.  I checked out the cost per egg price and 18 was the better deal so spent $3.99.  Then, since we are down to the last roll of TP per bathroom (!), it was declared that this was a definite “need” item which I hadn’t really thought about.  I went on my Favado app (thanks, Mom!) and searched for the best toilet paper deals.  Walgreens won out with their store deal matching up to the coupons I had.   I saved $1, but probably more than that just by checking out all of the best deals and not just buying whatever.  While I was doing this, the hubs and our friends are out at his gig having fun and spending their money.  I’ve already been texted to “Come join!” and had to say no.  It totally sucks.  It’s probably tougher for him though…if he’s staying on track!  Fingers crossed!


Breakfast:  Sausage, Eggs, and Later Tater Tots.  The breakfast sausage needed to be cooked or thrown away tomorrow, so we ate it all and didn’t save any for the freezer as planned.  Oh well!  I didn’t realize we were down to one egg so put a pathetic dab of scrambled eggs on each plate.  (I actually added a splash of milk to stretch the egg a little). Whatev, it worked.  and later we ate the poorly timed mini tater tots.  I hate that those are gone!  Think I can figure out how to make and freeze my own??

Lunch: After posting last night we made Frisco Melts with the ground beef we had defrosted.  I tried to make the “special sauce” and would say it was definitely NOT the same.  But, hey, we didn’t drive to Steak n Shake, (aka saved $12) so they served their purpose.  I saved half and ate that for lunch today.  I made the hubs a green smoothie to go to help prevent him from getting hungry while on the road.  

Dinner:  No clue yet since I’m posting early.  Frozen tortellini?  Pasta bake?  


I think the biggest savings of the day is that I didn’t go to the gig and that we aren’t going out tonight.  I hate to admit it, but that’s a $100 savings, seriously.  No Uber + No Buying Drinks = No Fun Big Savings.  We’ve already speculated that we might be winos by the end of this month because that’s the main source of the alcohol stockpile in the house.  Oops!



Frozen grapes ready to bag before they went bad!

I love cooking and doing meal prep.  Like, LOVE love it.  It’s fun and totally rewarding.  I got up early, had 2 cups of coffee and was hyped up enough to prep green smoothies, freeze grapes, make frozen spinach cubes for future smoothies, and make buffalo chicken pinwheels for snacking.  I love catching all of this food before it goes bad and having it ready to go!  Now time for a beer on the patio…where I can hear my neighbors two doors down partying it up…for Easter I guess!?  Cheers!

– Kelly

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