Spending Freeze: Day 5

DAY 5:  $198.95 / -3.2 lbs

Happy Easter! I’m always sad when the weekend comes to an end, but today I didn’t really mind as much. We had some trouble getting through spending temptations this weekend and I just think the weekdays might be safer!



Breakfast:  We did not plan on an Easter type meal in advance, but still attempted to create one today. Since our breakfast was around noon, Canadian bacon seemed an acceptable replacement to the traditional ham!  I even made a brown sugar glaze for it, put it in a tiny baking dish, and warmed it in the oven.  I figured out how to make awesome and easy mashed potatoes with the 3 potatoes that were on their last leg and had jarred gravy in the pantry for them.  The corn was a given and of course I made deviled eggs. 

Lunch:  The hubs wanted to eat out bad! (See his attempt at a solution to getting around the freeze below). Luckily it’s Easter so there isn’t a lot open.  But his negotiating skills were in full force and I found myself right there with him.  Papa John’s was open so I checked my rewards points to see if I was up for a free pizza. Nope. So I dug through some purses and found a $10 AmEx gift card (wooohooo!). We agreed this was the best way to use it, especially since they were running a 50% off promo code.  We went to pick it up, the card didn’t work, so now we are negotiating the best way to swap this expense mistake. :-/

Dinner:  I wanted to make the best of the last cucumber in the house and also had Greek yogurt about to expire, so I figured we try to make Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce.  It was a fantastic dinner and the leftover cucumber got sliced and put in water for a little detox drink for tomorrow!

Gyros ready to wrap up…why am i out of tomatoes already!?


My parents surprised us today with Amazon gift cards in our e-mails today!  The hubs tried to buy a Buffalo Wild Wings gift card with it so he could eat out, but BDubs is closed today and Amazon doesn’t allow that anyway.  I’m saving mine for a rainy day. Thanks Ps!


The hubs and I are prepping for our tomorrow start of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution and other self-improvement things happening so we’ve been pumped up and excited about life all day!

– Kelly

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