Spending Freeze: (Earth) Day 22

DAY 22:  $1,693.78/ -2.0 lbs

Happy Earth Day!  Yet another day in April with lots of good shopping deals that I’m missing out on. What was I thinking?  Instead of deal hunting, I went on another nature walk at lunch today.  It was so beautiful out!



Breakfast:  A Super Dark Green Smoothie (I used my frozen spinach cubes & added Spirulina)


Lunch:  The last of the Tortilla Soup leftovers

Dinner:  Steak n Shake with a gift card and coupons (Hmmm…and I’m not losing weight because??)


I haven’t calculated a “savings” amount on it yet, but since it’s Earth Day I thought I’d give a shout out to my new (to me) Prius.  This puppy saves me so much in gas money it pays for itself.  And on days like today, I kinda feel like I’m doing my part for the environment a little bit.  I usually take it through the car wash twice a month, but hadn’t this month due to the spending freeze.  It was getting dirty, but I noticed today that it seemed all clean again due to the crazy rain from a huge storm on Monday evening.  So FREE car wash!  Thanks, Mother Nature!


The hubs and I went to the mall tonight to try on expensive sunglasses that we obviously weren’t going to buy.  I don’t know why it was fun, but it felt good to be in the mall again!  


Secret Serious Sunglass Hut Selfie!

What d’ya think?  Worth the $200?! 

– Kelly

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