Spending Freeze: Day 13

DAY 13$676.93 / -0.8 lbs

Still woke up early for my morning Body Revolution workout today, still no change in weight today.  Yet I’m still not too discouraged because I am slowly feeling more “fit.”  Looking back at last week’s meals and snacks, I realized I was really skimping on my fruits and veggies.  I think I was more concerned with just eating anything we had instead of actually thinking about what my body needed.  I’m going to try to regroup on that this week and see if it helps the lbs drop at all.  Starting with my green smoothies!


Breakfast:  Protein Shake, Glowing Green Smoothie, and a Macchiato 😉

Lunch:  the pre-prepped Penne and Vodka Sauce (I was invited out to lunch today and, being unsure of whether they were paying or not, I declined)

Dinner:  Caesar Salad with Homemade Garlic Croutons and Leftover Pizza (I prepped and FoodSaver sealed all of my romaine heads into jars on Sunday so a salad was super convenient today…until the hubs broke the first jar he tried to open…and glass went into the lettuce…so lettuce went into trash).


Caesar Salad with Homemade Garlic Croutons


The hubs needed a new speaker thing for work, so he took a bunch of stuff to the pawn shop today and used the money to buy the speaker online. (I’m not sure how to add this savings into the total yet, so am leaving it alone for now). He even showed me how he price compared on Google Shopping for the best deal with free accessories and no shipping costs!  I’m truly proud.  This is two savings days in a row for him!



Granny’s Scrambles…very modified version, but still delicious!

I made a pretty modified and weak version of my Granny’s “Scrambles” tonight.  While I could only use what we had in the pantry, it still made me smile just thinking of her while cooking from her recipe.  🙂

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 11

DAY 11: $576.93 / -0.8 lbs  

It felt great to finish the first week of workouts on Body Revolution today, but the hubs and I are exhausted. Our bodies are definitely screaming for tomorrow’s Rest Day. I went ahead and set up the program’s calendar for our gym today, hoping it helps keep us on track and motivated if we’re crossing off days as we go. 


Wipe Off Calendar finally set up for Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution Program!


Breakfast:  Bacon Sandwiches on Homemade Bread with Shredded Hashbrowns (we usually buy Simply Potatoes Shredded Hashbrowns, but I grated a leftover baked potato instead and it worked out great!)

Lunch:  Leftover Lasagna Rolls 

Dinner:  Buffalo Chicken Pizza (with the rest of the crock pot chicken and the mozzarella cheese that I was pumped to discover in the deep freeze!)



Another weekend success of not going out Friday or Saturday night!  It’s already easier.  I had to say no to a friend today who wanted to go out, but she was totally cool about the freeze.  We are actually really enjoying staying in.  So I’m throwing another $100 in the savings for the no bar or restaurant tabs again.



I kind of pampered myself today.  After finishing Week 1 of Body Revolution and the second cardio workout of the day, I felt like I should do something extra to take care of myself.  Since going out to get a mani-pedi wasn’t an option, I gave myself one!  I have to say I think I did a pretty good job.  I keep staring at my aqua colored toes and smiling.  Nice extra savings there.  I also gave my hair a 30 minute deep conditioning treatment that I hadn’t gotten around to using yet.  My hair feels amazing!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 9

DAY 9: $404.54 / -0.2lbs


First Homemade Bread of the Spending Freeze

I made bread!  We’ve had a used bread maker for awhile, but the instructions freaked me out so I haven’t got around to actually trying to use it.  But, it’s Spending Feeeze and we ran out of bread so what better time to give it a shot than now? Last night I only used it for its dough cycle and then baked the risen loaf in the oven.  We let it cool overnight (it smelled so good it was hard to resist!) then sliced it for toast this morning.  It was so good!  Another first today was that I threw a bunch of chicken from the freezer into the crock pot with broth and then shredded it so that we’d have it on hand for various dishes (like the 2 below!).  The hubs and I both agreed that we should do that all the time now. It tasted so good and was easy and super convenient. 


Breakfast:  Bacon Sandwiches on Homemade Bread w/ an Egg Over Easy…and coffee of course

Lunch:  Mashed Potatoes w/ Shredded Crock Pot Chicken topped with Gravy (a hubs creation that I found quite tasty!)

Dinner:  Chicken Fried Rice with Chicken & Veggie Egg Rolls and Egg Drop Soup. I can’t believe I didn’t know we had egg rolls in the deep freeze!  (Is that too much “chicken” and “egg” in one dinner?!  It didn’t seem weird at the time, but typing it…)


Chicken Fried Rice with Egg Rolls and Egg Drop Soup


I worked from home today!  I can’t even tell you how much I get done and caught up when I work from home.  It destresses me enough to not become a crazy person.   Plus, I don’t have to drive so get 2 hours of my personal time back and save on gas.  So today I saved both money AND time!  I’m adding that to the savings total along with the bread and chicken since I normally buy bread and don’t bother with the frozen chicken and just buy fresh. 


I spent some time this evening cleaning out my personal gmail Inbox.  It was annoying to see that red bubble on my mail icon announcing “1,926” on my phone and I started thinking it might get embarrassing to get to 2,000. Haha. But really, it felt good to get rid of all that junk!

Body Revolution Day 4: Weight is still going down and I’m still walking funny. The hubs and I did both workouts together today and it made it go much faster.  I swear we are starting to look healthier, but maybe it’s just that we feel so good. For now, I’ll take either!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 8

DAY 8: $359.25 / +0.0lbs

Ha!  My weight is back to 0 gained 0 lost.  But it’s Body Revolution Day 3 and I think we’ll be seeing negative numbers from now on.  Today was a double cardio day and I’m so sore that I can barely walk like a normal person, but I busted through it.  Even with the funny walking, I still managed to hit 13,000+ steps today!  I feel so relieved that tomorrow morning is a strength workout instead…and I’m looking very forward to rest day!  


Breakfast:  A Hard-Boiled Egg, Coffee and my Cucumber Infused Water since I forgot to make more green smoothies. 

Lunch: Heated up the burrito I prepped last night. OMG it was so good I was sad when it was over.  I’d never made burritos before and now i can’t believe how much I was missing out!  Probably not the healthiest lunch option, but the wrap was low carb…and it’s not like I overstuffed it.  Either way, I have one left for later and can’t wait!



Super Easy and Super Delicious Lasagna Rollups

We’ve had wheat lasagna noodles in the pantry for what seems like forever and I’ve been dying to try to make these in what seems like forever.  Well, the day is here.  These lasagna rollups were so easy and so tasty.  The hubs even commented that the meal was way better than frozen boxed lasagna, which means that this quicker, cleaner, healthier option will be made again!



I got a free sweatshirt in the mail today!  I wanted to use my Kohl’s Rewards before they expired so found this guy on clearance (retail was $20.00) and put in a promo code for free shipping.  This is Florida, so I won’t be able to wear it for 9 months, but that’s part of getting a good deal, right!?  I’m super patient so don’t really care about anything other than the fact I feel like I went shopping, but didn’t spend any money!!


Loved about my day…I’m just still so excited I finally made those lasagna rollups.  That’s all I can think about right now!  

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 7

DAY 7: $339.25 / +0.2 lbs

I woke up before my alarm today and was actually excited!  I know I’ve only finished one day of Body Revolution, but I swear my stomach felt skinnier today.  Needless to say that was enough to get me out of bed for the a.m. workout!  The hubs joined me again this morning (yay!), but I think we’re on our own for tomorrow.  The “skinnier” feeling went away by the time I got to work and the pain started setting in.  My whole body was sore and I was walking funny.  I never ended up taking any pain reliever because it was like…good pain.  I didn’t realize until tonight that I wasn’t getting as many steps in probably because I was avoiding any unnecessary movement.  Still hit my 10,000+ steps goal though!


Breakfast:  Glowing Green Smoothie & Coffee (shocking, I know)

Lunch: A leftover Baked Potato from last night & the rest of my Tortilla Soup 

Rice and Tostadas for Taco Tuesday!

Dinner:  Taco Tuesday!  I thawed and cooked up ground beef and used what I think is the last of the taco seasoning (might have to dig around).  We didn’t have taco shells so the hubs suggested we figure out a way to make tostadas out of the last of the corn tortillas that were pretty much falling apart.  I put them in the oven at 400 for 10 minutes and they turned out perfect!  I put a rice mix packet in the rice cooker and heated up some black beans and…and I realized I was kinda having “beans and rice” like Dave Ramsey always preaches! I was excited until I realized he probably didn’t mean beans and rice and tortillas AND ground beef.  Oh well, I still didn’t spend any money.  Plus I made two burritos and wrapped them up for work lunches.  My wheat tortillas expire in a week so I need to use those puppies up!

WEEK 1 REVIEW:  We didn’t eat out at all! Wooohoo!  This was expected, but still feels good since it was a big change!  DANG IT!  I forgot about Papa John’s.  Ugh.  Okay, moving forward. (I ended up using another gift card for gas to offset that expense since gas for the car is a NEED item). I didn’t mention it yet, but popcorn was a huge help this week and I think it will continue to be for the rest of the month.  When we are super hungry and just want a snack it is the easiest thing to make that is semi healthy, but satisfying when you want to be bad.  I saved a lot of produce this week by freezing, but the fresh veggies are dwindling.  Meal prepping has been a big help too, but I think increasing my efforts next week will be worth it.



I finished my library borrowed “Total Money Makeover” audiobook and borrowed “The $ Saving Mom’s Budget” to keep the motivation going!  I’m not a mom, but I’ve been to this woman’s blog for money saving tips before and I think she’s great.  Surely she’d support that I was smart enough to borrow the book from the library and not buy her book on iTunes for $15.95….right?

WEEK 1 REVIEW:  I feel like I’ve said “Is this a NEED or a WANT?” 50 times over the last week.  I’m even starting to say it when money isn’t even involved!  It has really helped though and I’ve made tons of lists for meals that we can make and fun we can have without spending money.  My library wishlist is long and I check my position on books on hold constantly, whereas before I would’ve just bought right away on Amazon.  It’s kind of refreshing knowing I can’t stop anywhere on my way home to buy something we think we need.  Our normal grocery budget is at least $100/week and this week we spent $8.65 on the agreed items.  I hope next week goes just as well!


WEEK 1 REVIEW:  I’m loving that I feel this good!  Between not drinking and working out again my body is starting to like me again.  I know there is a gain of .2 lbs up there for the week, but I’m confident that will be going down very soon…and staying down!  All of this budget control, the challenge of it, and the learning has given me mental clarity this week that I feel has been missing for awhile.  I’m actually sleeping better!  My favorite part that I’ve loved most about this first week is all the teamwork the hubs and I have going.  We’ve been having great discussions, making life plans and goals, and just spending more time together.  I’m one lucky girl.

Okay, ready for Week 2!!

– Kelly