Spending Freeze: Day 18

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My bread worked out! 

No Knead Bread Success!

I know it kind of looks like a fortune cookie.  But I don’t care because it turned out awesome and tasty and very artisan-y!  The hubs said this was his favorite and exactly what he’s been needing. I feel like such a little homemaker. Lol


Breakfast:  Coffee.  Then 4 hours later the hubs made mini (I swear that’s just a really tiny plate in the picture) Chicken Quesadillas from the new batch of Slow Cooker Chicken that had just finished. Still the first meal of the day and I plan on doing a lot more eating, so I’m going to count this as breakfast. 

A Chicken Quesadilla “Breakfast” by the hubs

Lunch:  Asiago Chicken & Onion Paninis with my new homemade bread!  OMG.  So good.   

Dinner:  We’re staying up late tonight and (since our hunger times seem to be off today) are going to do late night Hibachi Grill!  We’ve done it a few times before and it’s always fun.  No, we don’t have a hibachi grill (I wish!).  We ridiculously use an electric griddle and it’s just as entertaining…just in a very “we’re anything but professionals” kind of way.  I think all that matters in the end is that there is meat, veggies, noodles, and yum yum sauce tonight.  If it weren’t for the freeze there would be other elements, but of course we are improvising.  No pics tonight since I’m posting before we cook.   


Couponing was awesome today!  Oh how I’ve missed “buying” things.  I was tempted to bend the rules a little bit, but sustained.  Here are all of the freebies I got:


I thought I was going to get a free RedBox movie as well, but my codes didn’t work.  So in the end I got over $25 worth of products for FREE!  

I see a lot of flatbread pizzas in my future…


I buttoned my jeans today!  I know this sounds weird, but I’ve been up a size for a while and it was hard to believe that some of my “normal” jeans didn’t fit.  I try them on every once in a while even though my weight hasn’t changed much, but it’s usually disappointment.  Not today!  I think the whole Body Revolution workout plan is actually working, just not on the scale yet.  Other clothes are fitting a little differently too and I think my face is slimming up ever so slightly.  It’s enough to keep me going.  2 weeks down now and REST DAY tomorrow!! Hope you are out enjoying your weekend!

– Kelly

Spending Freeze: Day 17

DAY 17:  $868.92 / +0.4 lbs

Sorry about yesterday.  I got a little…excited.  But that’s what happens when I strongly restrict myself from something and then it’s put right in front of me!  I was way too thrilled to eat food outside of the house that I couldn’t even THINK about calories.  While I didn’t spend any money, I didn’t make healthy choices (I’m sure you noticed today’s weight gain!), but I didn’t super overeat or anything.  I hope the lesson here is when I have the opportunity to spend money again once May hits, that I am smart about it and prepared not to go overboard.

It was a late night last night, but I still managed to get up for the last 5:30 am Body Revolution workout for the week.  We have cardio tomorrow and then that marks 2 weeks down, 10 more to go!


Breakfast:  Glowing Green Smoothie and Cinnamon Raisin Toast (and only ONE cup of coffee!)  

Lunch: Lentil Soup


Desk Lunch: Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

Dinner: Garlic Knots and Meatballs (a very “freezer” meal tonight) 

Garlic Knots & Tomato Sauce (Meatballs were late to the party)

I’m trying out a new bread recipe tonight.  I have to let the dough do it’s thing overnight, but hopefully we’ll be able to have toast for breakfast tomorrow!


No-Knead Bread dough ready to rise!


I used my Easter amazon.com gift card from my Ps to buy 2 things I really wanted.  They are definitely not a NEED and definitely very “girly” of me.  But if I’m going to be doing my own pedicures, I kind of do NEED a pumice stone, right?  Then the beautyblender has been on my wish list for so long that when I saw that it was back on Amazon Prime I couldn’t pass it up!  


Amazon Easter gifts arrived today: beautyblender and a pumice stone 🙂


I did some coupon prep tonight so that I can go get some freebies tomorrow.  Some people look at couponing as too much work, but I love it.  I’m pretty organized about it, so it’s more about the thrill of shopping at such an awesome discount.  If all goes well tomorrow I’ll be able to move this topic up to the SAVE section.  

Happy Friday!  

– Kelly

My Pantry {BEFORE}

So, the first step in any eating lifestyle change always seems to be to purge the bad foods, right?  Let’s see where I’m starting…here is my current pantry:

6.3.14 Pantry BEFORE

Don’t judge too harshly, please!  I know there are some bad foods in here and I kind of look like I have OCD or too much time on my hands, but really I just like efficiency and saving money.  I’ve been a “couponer” for three years now and I think my pantry shows it.  Do I look like I like a pastaholic or a hot sauce junkie??  I can’t decide.

I’m excited to watch the transition of this space develop with my new plan and eventually share with you the “after” pic!  What do you think I should purge first?  I’m thinking the 3 foot stack of Yakisoba meals…yikes!

– Kelly