Spending Freeze: Day 15

DAY 15:  $813.92 / -0.8 lbs

Happy Tax Day!  I feel like I missed out on some really good Tax Day deals today though. Enough that I don’t think I’ll do an April Spending Freeze again!  Too bad I couldn’t find any freebies I could work with. I may do a little more looking online tonight.  

This morning’s Body Revolution cardio workout was a breeze!  I can’t believe I’m getting used to waking up so early.  It’s awesome going through the rest of the day knowing you’re “done.”


Breakfast:  Cinnamon Raisin Toast w/ a CafĂ© Mocha. I forgot to prep green smoothies last night, but remembered tonight, yay!  Unfortunately, this was the end of the romaine, so I’ll have to start getting creative.  

Lunch: Zucchini Noodles and Marinara. I’m so glad my work has a full kitchen.  I need to take advantage of it more because there really is no excuse for unhealthy eating, when I can whip this up in 5 minutes. 

Cookin’ up Spiralized Zucchini Noodles at work for lunch!

Dinner: Chicken & Veggie Egg Rolls (Once again, I had bigger dinner plans, but there were dishes to clean and put away and I just don’t like cooking it up in a messy kitchen. So I cleaned it, and then was too tired to make an effort. Oh well!)



My DIY K-Cups

I almost forgot to mention that I ran out of K-Cups!  Oh the devastation! Just kidding, we aren’t huge coffee drinkers, but I think we’ve increased our intake this month with the early morning workouts.  I have bags of coffee in my pantry stockpile, so I made my own K-Cups.  I could probably write a whole blog post on this.  (Maybe I will after the freeze)!  This is probably about a $6.99 savings because I usually use a coupon.   


I’m not sure how lame this sounds, but I’ve been sitting on the sofa for the last hour watching YouTube videos. I’m so relaxed. I don’t know why I tend to feel guilty for “wasting time” but I didn’t let it get to me tonight. I was missing my YouTubers!  I’ve already worked out, the house is clean, I’m not at a bar and I’m not spending money, so I think I’m okay.  Right!?

– Kelly