The Green Smoothie

green smoothie

I started seeing green smoothies a few years ago and was immediately curious.  So, I did some quick research and the more I read about all of the benefits the more I wanted one.  Plus, they just looked like super health in a cup!  It wasn’t until I read The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder that I blended my first one.  It tasted pretty good, but made me feel really really good.  Like I knew it was doing great things for my body…and then eventually I just stopped.  I got so sick of prepping and chopping the fruits and veggies into tiny little pieces so that my Magic Bullet could handle it!  I actually stopped a lot of healthy habits around this same time and just let stupid excuses take over…

That was three years ago and I’m back on the right track now and back making green smoothies!  It’s also taken me that long to listen to the book’s advice and finally get a Vitamix (yay!).  What a difference!  Even the hubs is drinking his greens!  Sorry for all of the exclamation points, but I’m seriously that excited! Or maybe it’s just the green smoothie’s energy boosting effect that’s effecting my punctuation!  Okay, I’m done.  🙂

Bottom line is that we’re on Weight Watchers and this filling smoothie is a zero points, has a slimming effect, and is detoxifying so it beautifies our skin along the way!  And if this recipe (my go to) is too much for you to start off with, maybe just add a handful of spinach to your normal smoothie for now.  I bet you won’t even taste it!

– Kelly

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