Weekly Weigh-in: April 21, 2018

Tracking Weight Loss in My Happy PlannerThis Week’s Weigh-in: -1.0

Total Weight Loss: -40.8

And I’m happy about it!  If you’re looking at that those totals and doing the math from the last post and thinking, “Something doesn’t add up…” You are right!  I had a lovely 0.2 weight gain last week.  Whatev.  I swore it was all muscle and water retention!  Hmmm… Anyway, I would’ve shared all of that last week, but my site was having technical difficulties with the new theme I uploaded.  AND since I have no idea what I’m doing in the blogging world, I rolled my eyes and just walked away from it for a week.  But here we are!  So clearly I figured it out today.  Yay!  (Well, kind of figured it out…let’s just say the theme might change a lot for a while until I figure THAT out).

OKAY, on with the weekly recap!

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Meal prep was HUGE this week!  I went in without a real plan and pretty much just spent all day in the kitchen on Sunday. (Loved every minute of it).

A typical day of this week's meal prep at my desk
A typical day of this week’s work day meal prep

Food/Meal Prep Included:

Meal prep: 2-Ingredient Dough Bagels...and 3 Pretzels
2-Ingredient Dough Bagels…and 3 Pretzels

Yes, it was too much.  Most of it went in the freezer which I’m SO happy about now because I feel like I already have a head start on this week!

I stayed on plan at work and then the evenings got a little iffy.  Iffy = BEER.  (And maybe tequila).

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Saved time and money by prepping all those meals!  The only unplanned thing that happened was pizza Wednesday night.  UGH! Maybe I could’ve lost more weight!  Okay, moving on.

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Date Night Pre-Game - Enjoying a couple beers at The Brass Tap
Enjoying a couple beers at The Brass Tap

The hubs and I had DATE NIGHT!!  That’s in caps because we have totally opposite schedules and we were both actually open on a Saturday night.  It was SO FUN.  We went to PF Chang’s with a gift card (Thanks, Pop!) and had the whole meal pre-tracked in the Weight Watchers app.  But first, there were drinks while we waited for our table.  Tracked it.  Then there was sake.  Just realized I forgot to track it – No regrets.  Then there were drinks (oh and shots) around town after.  Pretty sure I tracked them all – No regrets.  I’m sure our Uber drivers loved us! (insert hand on face emoji here, amirite?)


Next Week's Happy Planner Spread - Before The Pen
Next Week’s Happy Planner Spread – Before The Pen

I’ve got to get back to a good gym routine.  My attendance has been pretty weak ever since the gym closed for two weeks and I think that may be why my weight loss has slowed.  But it’s reopened and there is no excuse!  So, I’ve set up next week’s Happy Planner spread all around my workout stickers.  Let’s see if it helps!

The theme at our Weight Watchers meeting was “eat what you want!” so I’ve spent today planning tomorrow’s meal prep with that in mind.  You can have anything if you plan for it!

Now, time to get out there, track, and see if we can get on a weight loss streak!

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