Welcome! So, Happy Birthday to me and to the launch of this blog!  I felt the need for something new in my life and thought there couldn’t be a better time than my birthday to get started. (Side note: I’ve never blogged before so have no clue what I’m doing, but please bare with me)!  I want to be healthy SO bad, but I’m one of those people who seriously needs accountability. I joined Weight Watchers 2 weeks ago just for this reason (and started this blog…just for that reason). Two weeks in and 5 pounds down and I’d have to say I’m sold!  While my ultimate goal is to go strictly clean eating, Weight Watchers is giving me that first step push I need.  I’m not sure in what ways this blog will progress, but I know for now I want to share with you the following;

1. My progress on Weight Watchers including what I eat, tips, and how much weight I’ve lost.
2. How I save money with deals and coupons in food shopping, clothing buying, and all other things in daily life.
3. All the things I do that just make me love life!

I’m one happy girl and I have a lot (too much??) fun, but I’ve got so much more that I want to do while I’m here on Earth!  So it’s time to get healthy, save money, and live life longer and to the fullest! I’m so happy you’re here with me. Let’s do this!

– Kelly

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