No, PP for me is not a calculation of KKAL and BJU, I have never counted them and do not count them – there is simply no time, and I sincerely think there is no need. The principle of my nutrition is based on the choice of the most natural healthy products prepared with minimal or gentle heat treatment.

I eat right not only for weight loss and maintaining physical health, but also for mental and emotional health. After all, it is so important that harmony is present in everything in us – and the memory is good, and that we often arrive in a good mood. And calorie restriction rarely brings us joy, rather, the feeling of hunger and malnutrition is depressing, leading to irritability… Which is understandable, leads to a breakdown and a desire to eat harmful or sweet… I prefer to choose foods that are not in my mood or in a momentary desire, but consciously.

Realizing that sugar, soda, mayonnaise, fried potatoes and, in general, anything fried do not carry anything good, therefore there are always a lot of greens, starchy vegetables, berries in my diet, incl. including frozen, fruits, legumes, nuts.

√ If I cook fish, then steam it or in the oven. If the egg, then also in the oven or in a non-stick frying pan without oil. I prefer to bake potatoes and eat “in uniform”, and I buy organic and normal fat milk, NOT skimmed, I only take milk (lactose-free or vegetable).

√ I actively use spices and almost never eat sugar and white wheat flour.

Thus, vitamins and nutrients are preserved in the diet as much as possible. And in general, food in a special way turns into a “medicine” for the body !!! Mood improves, weight normalizes, lightness and energy appear. And if you add sports to such nutrition, then the effect is doubled, or even tripled.

And, most importantly, if you start to adhere to such a diet, taste buds change, they simply normalize. You want less sweet and fatty foods, the berries become incredibly sweet, and the cucumbers are really tasty!

Just start and your body will thank you. You will feel the taste of “natural” life and be healthy!