Summer is the time for seasonal berries and, in my opinion, berries are the most useful thing created by nature! No wonder they have long been dubbed a superfood, because there is such a large concentration of biologically active substances!!!

Even scientists compare many berries in composition with medicines! They lower cholesterol, protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis, help with diabetes, prevent the development of cancer and still perform many useful functions.

Moreover, the brighter the berry, the healthier it is… For example, blackcurrant is healthier than red, and red raspberry is healthier than white… Therefore, including seasonal berries in your daily menu is the best thing you can do for yourself and your health now. At least a glass a day, and if more – even better! And let it be different berries, something like an assortment. Together they will only get stronger!

Of course, at the end of the season, you should not forget about berries, frozen or dried berries are wonderful!

But now God himself has commanded!

Just do not eat berries, as many people do, sprinkled with sugar, this is completely wrong. They are much healthier to eat as a salad as a snack: with cottage cheese, kefir or yogurt. Add to oatmeal, cook diet compotes or diet jam. Delicious berries to you!