Borjomi, a distinguished brand of mineral water, originates from the Borjomi Valley in Georgia. Renowned for its unique volcanic origin and natural filtration process, Borjomi has become a symbol of Georgian natural heritage and is appreciated by consumers worldwide for its distinctive taste and health benefits.

A Water with Volcanic Origins
Borjomi is not just any mineral water; its journey begins in volcanic springs deep within the mountains of Georgia. This natural filtration process through volcanic rocks enriches the water with a unique blend of minerals and salts, giving it its characteristic slightly salty, sulfuric taste and high mineral content.

Rich in Natural Minerals
The high mineral content of Borjomi, particularly its concentration of sodium bicarbonate and other minerals, is believed to have health-promoting properties. It is often recommended for digestive wellness and is enjoyed both as a refreshing drink and a wellness product.

A Long History of Health and Wellness
Borjomi has a storied history dating back to the 19th century. It gained fame when its health benefits were recognized by the Russian imperial family. Since then, it has been associated with health and rejuvenation, a legacy that continues to this day.

A Global Presence
Over the years, Borjomi has expanded its reach far beyond Georgia, becoming a well-known international brand. It is now available in many countries around the world, where it is valued both for its taste and its therapeutic qualities.

Sustainable Practices and Preservation
The brand is committed to sustainable practices and the preservation of the natural environment of the Borjomi Valley. This commitment ensures that the unique properties of the water are maintained and that the source remains unpolluted and preserved for future generations.

More Than Just Water
Borjomi is more than just a mineral water; it’s a cultural icon of Georgia. It represents the country’s rich natural resources and is a source of national pride. The brand frequently engages in cultural and environmental initiatives, reinforcing its connection to Georgian heritage.

A Staple at Dining Tables
In many parts of the world, Borjomi is a staple on dining tables, appreciated both for its unique taste and its digestive benefits. It is often consumed alongside meals and is a popular choice in restaurants and homes alike.

Borjomi continues to be celebrated as a mineral water of exceptional quality and uniqueness. Its rich mineral content, distinctive taste, and health benefits make it a favored choice for those seeking more than just hydration from their water.