How many times a day does your child drink these “healthy”, “sugar-free”, “natural” juices in bright boxes with straws?!
For me, this juice is a real evil. Grandmothers taught them at one time and now I fight them in every possible way!

See what lies behind this apparent “usefulness”:

√ Firstly, a pack of juice with the inscription “nectar” contains about 25-50% of natural fruit extract, and everything else – water, sugar, citric acid, chemical additives and preservatives. %. There will not be 100% benefit from such a benefit – this is gastritis, and allergies, etc. and so on. …
The harm of 100% juice in bags is comparable to the harm from carbonated sugary drinks. In a glass of reconstituted juice, as many as 6 tsp are hidden. Sahara. This means that if your child drinks such juice every day, he can easily get diabetes in a couple of years. That is, the risk increases many times, especially for a fragile organism.

Realizing this, I actively began to transfer children from juices to clean water, telling them how magical she is, to my daughter – so that her hair is long and beautiful, and to my son – to be strong and hardy, something like that!
And now such joy overcomes me when the children themselves ask to bring them not juice, but some water.

Even now, of course, we can drink such juice, but this happens very rarely, as a dessert – like a scoop of ice cream in a cafe – no more than 2-3 times a month! Although they used to decently stuff a basket with them in a supermarket.