Weekends – why not start eating right!? You can go grocery shopping, cook food at home! I do not count Kcal, then how?!

In addition to harmony, you remember, my task is also to maintain my youth, good health, be energetic and live long!

1. The principle of the plate in brief:
We divide the middle plate into 4 parts:
1/4 plate – cereals
1/4 – proteins (ideally – 50% animal / 50% vegetable)
1/2 – fresh or cooked vegetables
Incl. some healthy fats!

2. The anti-age principle is a varied diet!!! 28 different PP products per week! This is easily achieved with a variety of legumes, cereals, vegetables, herbs, fish/poultry/cottage cheese/eggs. Buying products is not necessarily expensive – we can easily follow these rules! (Example in the photo – there are 12 different products).

3. Three main meals + small snacks are allowed (fruits / berries / smoothies / protein shake / nuts).

4. We drink a lot of water, do not limit ourselves in different liquids – tea, compote, jelly, soups, smoothies, juices diluted with water, teas, decoctions (for example, rose hips or herbs), kefir, whey, vegetable or low-fat regular milk, etc. d.

5. Get enough sleep – at least 8 hours a day!

6. We go in for sports!!! min 20-30 minutes a day, at least at home – morning exercises / or a small set of exercises – training loads should also ideally be varied. 2 – strength (gym/hot-airon), 1 cardio (running/pool/aerobics), 1 balance class (karate/yoga/dance) per week – the best option!!!

√ You can go to functional training – this type of training solves almost all of these tasks at once!

For health, youth and life extension (remember I talked about telomeres – cells that show our biological age) we do this! That’s all! And you can start right now – a morning run, a proper breakfast, the purchase of various healthy (not empty) products, and go to bed early in the evening. And we will all be happy!